Diaphragm Vacuum Pump DNP 30/50

  • Pump type

    vacuum volume replacement

  • Maximum capacity

    500 l/min (30 m3/hour)

  • The maximum size of passed solid particles

    8 mm

  • Air-flow rate

    750 — 2000 l/min

  • Maximum head at air pressure 7 atm

    50 m

  • Maximum height of absorption


  • Operating air pressure

    2-7 atm

  • Dimensions

    350х500х500 mm

  • Weight

    22 kg

  • Case material


  • Drive housing material

    Polymer composition

  • Clamp material

    Stainless steel

  • Connecting sizes

    Inner/outer branch pipes G"2
    Air input G"1/2
    Air output G"1 1/4

Pumps are designed to perform cleaning works during maintenance of fuel tanks both on stationary, water and railway transport, as well as to locate and eliminate extreme situations of spills in field conditions, which is provided because of: 

  • high performance;
  • low weight and dimensions (work in hard-to-reach places);
  • self-absorptions;
  • working with viscous environments;
  • transmission of solid particles;
  • explosion safety;
  • safety in operation.

Advantages over foreign counterparts:

  • smaller weight and size parameters with the same productivity;
  • abrasive and condensate in compressed air do not affect the wear of the drive;
  • maintainability of all knots;
  • lower cost is due to the use of the technology of forming housing parts;

Unlike the analogues, the specialists of the enterprise made fundamental changes in the design and manufacturing technology, which allowed to increase the competitive advantage of the product due to reduction of weight and size parameters, increase of reliability of operation and reduction of the cost of the product.

Basic pump delivery set 


023-028-30-6 pcs. \ Pump

055-060-30- 2pcs.\ Pump

In agreement with the customer we provide the necessary set of suction and delivery hoses.